Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why this association ?

They are some of the most beautiful and sexiest womens alive, or at least according to magazines and other mass media.

Maybe you ask why I made this association ? Because I see a news that Jessica is intending to develop her own video game.
Angelia Jolie is the girl that was lunched by the Tomb Raider made after the successful video game. Before that movie I never heard about her. Now I discovered that Jessica Alba is a popular star that will make her own video game. So you see the association now ? Is exactly upside down. But is the same thing. And I am really wonder if Jessica will manage to bring the fame to her character in the game as Lara binged so much fame to Jolie.

Disclaimer: First I have to say that I don't prefer any of them and the order of the name are alphabetically.

I made a Google fight and here are the results on December 28, 2006:

Let's see how is going to change in the future.

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Patti Auburn said...

Jolie wasn't lauched by Tomb Raider. She was in 18 movies prior to Tomb Raider.